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Fresh & Seasonal FOOD sourced from the farm,
the field & the greenhouse

PRODUCE: Salads • Soups • Sandwich • Warm Bowls • Proteins • Dressings • Treats

OCCASIONS: Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner

TYPE: All-Natural • Seasonal • Sustainable • Freshly Made • Locally Sourced

INFLUENCES: Mediterranean • Rural Italy • Vancouver

OBJECTIVE: Nourish • Invigorate • Reimagine Salads

LOCATION: 2509 Main Street • Mount Pleasant • Vancouver • BC

SERVING HOURS: 11AM-8PM • Monday-Friday

                                      12PM-8PM • Saturday-Sunday












Oyama Sausage Co.

The passion behind Oyama isn't just about producing quality product; it's about crafting an experience like no other with food.


Nectar Juicery

Nectar is more than juice. It is a promise — a promise to nourish your body and your mind. To make you feel well and whole, and ready to take on anything the world throws at you. The juice is simply the guide, the first step in the right direction.


maple hill farms

Maple Hill Farms is a family owned & operated business located in the small farming community of Mt. Lehman, in the central Fraser Valley.  They have been involved in poultry farming for over 40 years.



As a microbiologist and whole food enthusiast, Tree Island started in 2012 after returning from France where they tasted artisan yogurt made with fresh, whole milk. Nothing comparable existed in BC, so they set-out to create it.

Terra Breads

Long before fresh, local and organic became the way to do things, Terra Breads was doing it.


Stumptown Brew Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and retailer based in Portland, Oregon, United States. The chain's flagship cafe and roastery on SE 45th and Division opened in 1999.


Oddity Kombucha 

Shortly after the summer of 2015, Oddity's founder Alicia turned her hobby of making kombucha into her Oddity Kombucha company. Alicia's team has come together for a mutual love of unique flavours and beautiful design.


Dickie's ginger beer

Small batch ginger beer, made fresh. Dickie's set out to create a ginger beer of the highest quality, through which they hope to connect with the people and businesses in the community and contribute back in some small way.